Using Property Buying Companies For a Quick Sale

Getting any property sold quickly can be a daunting endeavour, but if it’s a flat you’re selling, a quick sale may be virtually impossible. Hefty maintenance fees, noisy neighbours, and unkempt communal areas have given flats a pretty lousy reputation. Perhaps you have, unfortunately, found these claims to legitimate and are desperate to get out of your flat as soon as possible.

I regret to say that a standard real estate agent could never be the way to go if you want to get your flat in and off the market as quickly as possible. Extensive time is spent by Realtors gathering up the details of the property, advertising it, and then organizing showing times for prospective buyers. When a buyer does commit to buying your property, you will sit for days hoping and praying the deal doesn’t fall through. Buyers often change their minds, but are also often unable to buy the property they desire because they can’t get their own property to sell. This puts you in a helpless, frustrated position, crying out for anyone to just please buy your property!

There are prospective buyers out there who will hear your cry. They are property buying companies, which have been springing up in the last few years and make their money by buying properties that are difficult to sell and taking the challenge of selling the properties up themselves. They are one buyer that won’t be turned away by the fact that your property is a flat, and they can alleviate your stress by both buying your property and giving you a decent amount of money for it.

Even if you aren’t in time pinch to get moved, selling quickly to a property buying company can make something that could end up a long, drawn out hassle into a quick and enjoyable experience. If you do find yourself in a financial bind, the quick sale of your flat often comes not as a luxury but a necessity. You may be in danger of having your flat repossessed if you’ve missed a few mortgage payments and/or you have loans secured on your flat. Repossession is the worst thing that could happen to you as a homeowner, leaving you feeling helpless and maybe even living out on the street.

Don’t let that happen to you. Quickly selling your flat to a property buying company can land you a cash settlement (typically about eighty percent of the market value of your property) in just a few days. Don’t be discouraged at the idea of getting a little less than full market value. Chances are that a real estate agent wouldn’t have gotten it for you anyway, especially if buyers could tell you were desperate to sell. Most buyers are sharks on the lookout for a bleeding seller.

It may be that you are looking to quickly sell your flat so that you are able to relocate, perhaps to be closer to grandchildren. If you are nearing a good retirement age, consider selling your flat so that you will be enabled to go do what you would like to in the upcoming years. Instead of sitting around wasting money waiting for your flat to sell, take the company’s offer and have some extra play money. You may even have the option of renting back your property once it has been sold to the property buying company, giving you the best of both worlds-the security of staying in the home that you love and the extra cash to do with as you please.