How to Ensure That Your Property Sells Online

Nowadays, almost anyone that is looking to buy a property will firstly browse the internet. It is therefore vitally important that your estate agent will advertise your home on as many of the major property websites as possible.

Once listed the secret is ensure that your property stands out from the crowd, and potential viewers actually click on your listing to find out more information. Once there, if they like what they see, and the description matches your criteria then you have a better chance of gaining a viewing.

So how can you ensure that your property is clicked on rather than somebody else’s?


You need to ensure that the price is achievable. There is no point trying to ask for too much money, you simply won’t generate any viewings. Ask your estate agent to provide you with a “Best Price Guide” so you can gauge whether your asking price is competitive. If it isn’t then potential buyers will simply bypass your listing for one that is.


Your property needs to be presented in the best possible light and this needs to be communicated with photographs to potential purchasers. Ensure that before your estate agent visits that your home is immaculately clean and tidy, not only inside but also externally. You are planning to move house anyway, so ensure that all clutter and over-sized furniture are removed. Its all about first impressions, if the photographs look appealing the click-through rate will increase.

Property Listing

Ensure that your property is listed on the top property websites, if it isn’t you will be missing out on potential hits. The cheapest way to do this will be to employ an online estate agent.


Get your price right, get the presentation right, list your property where it will gain the most exposure.

The above article was written by Richard Tuck from the Online Estate Agent Turtle Homes.

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