When The Property Solutions was founded in 1997, we were the first in real estate to introduce a bold new vision around the future of buildings, turning sustainability from a benchmark to a given. In the years that followed, we introduced technologies that made buildings both smarter and healthier.

Fast forward to the present, and in 2018 we introduced The Property Solutions, a real estate technology company dedicated to serving the world with better buildings. We took the technology that we’d introduced years before and made it our hero, updating, upgrading and building it into buildings everywhere.

The Property Solutions is still in the background; and acts as Property Solutions’ holding company. This means that all of our projects past and present will now fall under company itself.

Excited by this change, we will continue to work with the same dedicated teams and partners,

Your Vision. Unrestricted.

When you work with Vision Commercial, you get the best service possible from people who know the business, know the area, and who don’t rest until we produce results for you.

Our Mission

No matter who you are – whether a restaurant owner paying ₹2,22,500 per month in rent, or a multi-billion dollar company looking to expand or otherwise update your commercial real estate portfolio – we can help.

How We Support You

Get more calls, schedule more viewings and earn more commissions


The Investor Relations team is accountable for building trust with our investors by being responsive, reliable, and knowledgeable and by providing transparent and timely communications.


Our Construction and Risk Management teams ensure the timely delivery of capital improvement projects and the management of insurance policies and risk.


The Acquisitions team lays the foundation for a successful investment through meticulous groundwork and expertly executed transactions, while the Dispositions/Refinance team carefully evaluates exit strategies for our properties.


Finance team members handle investor distributions, acquisition funding, accounting needs, and delivery of tax documents.


Our Asset Managers achieve operational results by caring for properties like owners with a focus on improving cash flow.


Our in-house General Counsel provides expert legal guidance on contracts, transactions, land-use and operational matters.